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About us

STELAB is a technology company by a group of professionals and executives in Ankara.

It is a constitution focused on supporting with Cloud Apps and AI, Machine Learning, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) by automating management processes with RPA (Robotic Process Automation) with the goal/aim of leading in the digital transformations needed/required for the customers of ours in the modern age.

Our Vision

To be the closest business partner of our customers in their digital transformation journey and to lead them one of the areas that their business needs in a growing and transforming world with the rule of the best for the best.

Our Mission

  • To help our customers to invest in the most accurate business tools,
  • Providing the necessery expertise in adapting the solutions to customer processes,
  • To provide special solutions to meet customers needs,
  • As STELAB, we use advance artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to provide our customers work smarter and faster,
  • As STELAB, we know how speed and agility is important for our customers to meet business requirements.
Our History

How Can We Assist You?

RPA – Robotic Process Analysis

STELAB’s professional business analysts can analyze your business processes to offer the best fit among many RPA tools to provide a solution with global partner as well as from local RPA partners. As Stelab, we provide cloud or on-premise solutions to our customers to meet their business requirements.

Cloud Based Web System

As Stelab, we have a team of experts with open source cloud-based systems. Our know – how for the power of microservices and advanced software architecture structures we can customize web-based solutions for your business.

Customized AI/ML Solutions

We use advanced Artificial intelligence to enable our customers work smarter and faster. We provide solutions to find insights and patterns in large datasets at scale and at speed and automate the learning to enable continuous improvement with our team of academicians and business partners who have signed international projects in the fields of AI and ML.

Communication and Automation Solutions

Stelab has successfully completed electronic integration projects to integrate automation systems with web services and to provide data on web platforms. STELAB has a team that have an industrial background in data collection solutions for your business needs.